jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009


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F.M.Marrouch dijo...

Veo que vuelve la calma despues de tu desahogo con los personajes estos, una flor muy delicada, con una luz muy bonita.

Tóbal dijo...

jajaja , gracias Francis!
Sí , hay veces que me gusta volver a mis "orígenes" y desfogarme con cosas de tipo bicho raro...
Ahora vuelvo a las rosas , quiero hacer alguna más .
Un saludo!

Nick dijo...

I'm seeing this Cano influence in many of your amigos. They're nice, but I like your more imaginative approach much better, it's individual and original. Do your own thing, that's the secret forumla for being an artist!

Tóbal dijo...

Hi Nick!
Thanks for your advice , I like very much Pedro Cano´s work , and as you know , Wladi , Ana and me went to a workshop in Italy with him... after that , every of us tryied to integrate in our way of painting his teachings.
I am trying to find my own personal style , which for sure will be the mix of various influences ... it´s very hard and difficult to achieve that , as you know.
Thanks again , I apreciate very much your words !!!